About us


In its strategic vision, Al-Najleen has adopted excellence and comprehensive leadership in all its civil security services, achieving the highest international quality standards, and has committed to implementing local regulations and legislation in light of international standards, and has provided a system of the latest security tools and technologies that achieve the aspirations of its clients, relying on achieving its ambitious vision on national competencies With high technical expertise and skills.

The group seeks, in all its services, to meet the growing need for civil security services in the Kingdom, and is continuously working on the rehabilitation of its cadres, and the development of all its services in line with the needs of its clients in the public and private sectors in the areas of security guards, the transfer of money, precious metals and valuable documents, the provision of security services and the latest Tracking devices, risk management, monitoring and protection.

OUR vision

Our first goal is the customer, by providing safe, innovative, and tailored security services. The group cooperates with an elite of global security companies, the best intelligence minds, academics and former military specialists, and this is the basis of its success.