Transfer of funds, precious metals and documents of value

Al-Najlain provides its integrated services in the transfer of funds and precious metals to its customers, cash providers such as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), local banks, strategic companies operating in the field of mining, gold and jewelry, and various retail companies, through an integrated system of highly qualified armed human cadres, and armored cars equipped with the latest The international safes are the most secure, and are linked electronically and visually to the control and control centers of the group, so that the movables can reach their destination in all regions and cities of the Kingdom quickly and safely.

1- Transfer of funds and precious metals

The Neglain Group provides integrated security solutions to transport money and precious metals to the private sector and the banking sector, where armored vehicles are used. The transport process is carried out by trained Saudi cadres with experience in this field to ensure the delivery of consignments and shipments to our esteemed customers according to the latest international systems in the field of reliable transport, such as:
• Transferring bank funds between the branches and cash centers, as well as the branches of the Monetary Agency
• Transferring funds from the retail sector to banks
• Transferring jewelry and minerals when importing and exporting them to and from airports as well as mines


2- Documents of value:

Al-Najlain provides services to transfer documents of value to banks, exchange shops, investment or insurance companies and institutions, what is meant here (all documents that carry cash value, such as: cash checks for the currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other currencies in all its denominations, stocks, bonds, sukuk, and other securities) .