Security devices and tracking devices

At Al-Najleen Company we provide innovative and relevant security products with leading partners in the industry, thus achieving new horizons in the field of security services as we provide the latest electronic security devices in the world, including

1- Access control system

All works, whether large or small, have proven their need to be protected from theft, and this includes the protection of the crew and their property, and it is recognized that buildings are secured with locks and keys on their doors and are left open all day, which provides the possibility of opportunities for theft and malicious damage. Electronic access control is the most efficient and comfortable way to protect your building and property. Installing an access control system means that there is no need to change the locks.


2- Tracking devices

GPS tracking and positioning system for vehicles, trucks, boats and people is of great importance at the present time as it helps companies to increase the productivity of sales men, drivers and procurement staff by tracking the path of employees during the day and preventing employee leakage during the official working hours, in addition to this system is an ideal system For shipping, delivery and distribution companies whose vehicles carry out daily distribution of goods, where the system sends text messages or alert messages every time the vehicles distribute the goods or deliver them to a specific customer in addition to calculating the number of kilometers traveled per month for each vehicle separately and the cost of fuel incurred by the vehicle, reducing violations It is also used to track boats inside the sea and their speed and locations. It is very useful for children and the elderly, as they can be checked at any time through this system.


3- Digital video wall system

A video wall is a special multi-tasking monitor that consists of several computer screens and video projectors, or televisions stacked together or overlapping in order to form one large screen. Screens specially designed for use on video walls usually have narrow edges in order to reduce the distance between active display areas. Built for long-term service, video walls are usually found in control rooms, stadiums, and other large public spaces.


4- Fire alarm system

The fire alarm system is a set of electrical devices or equipment that work together to join and warn people through visual and audio devices when smoke or fire occurs, and these devices can be activated from smoke detectors, heat detectors and a water leakage sensor that work automatically Or manually from the station fire alarm operation.


5- Intrusion detection system

Safe Intrusion Detection System is a system for detecting unauthorized entry of a building or area. Intrusion alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military real estate to protect against theft or vandalism, as well as personal protection against intruders.


6- Persons counting system

A people counter is a device used to measure the number and direction of people crossing at the entrance to a gate or a certain entrance in a unit of time, and the device is usually used at the entrances to buildings to be able to count the number of visitors. There are many different techniques for counting people such as a Tally Counter, Infrared, Video Analytics, and Thermal Imaging.