Supply and installation of monitoring devices

1. Surveillance cameras: No. The importance of the human factor, but the need for cameras is necessary, especially in places where it is difficult for the human element to be present, whether within production areas that are characterized by radiation, or where temperatures rise or fall significantly as necessary.
2. Installation of control devices at the entrances and exits: Multiple control devices, including automatic cards, facial recognition devices, fingerprints, sensor devices and others as necessary and according to the sensitivity and privacy of the site, the type of control is.
3. Alarms and theft detection: And it is to detect any attempt to steal or break into by alerting as soon as any foreign object enters within its range and it is multiple and varied and also according to the importance of the site and the degree of protection required for it.

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Security guards

The importance of the human element and its effective role in the field of guarding and securing facilities is not hidden from anyone. He is responsible for informing public security, civil defense, the Red Crescent and all the competent authorities, and he is responsible for guiding the emergency doors and following up the evacuation process of all kinds and making sure of everyone’s safety On this basis, the two sons choose the security personnel according to the following aspects, qualifications and previous experiences, if any, age at least 22 years and not more than 45 years, the physical fitness of the security man.

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Security patrols

Providing security vehicles equipped with modern means of communication to patrol the sites and send reports directly to the operating room and the competent authorities.

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Security consulting

There are no closed limits to the scope of our consulting services. We are able to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities at all levels of security, allowing us to design strategies and provide the right solutions after mixing the factors surrounding security technology to help you lead a successful and safe environment.

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Fire taking systems

The fire systems provided by the electronic fire systems with high sensitivity or quick manual use can avoid potential losses, God forbid. The alarm systems provided by our company ensure that fires are prevented or extinguished automatically in seconds as they prevent disturbances associated with other security services.

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(العربية) تقدم المجموعة جميع خدماتها وتهدف بذلك توفير جميع احتياجات العملاء وكسب رضاهم، وهنا تستعرض النجلين جميع أنشطتها التجارية حيث أنها عملت في مجال تأجير السيارات منذ أكثر من ١٥ عام، وكذلك عملت في مجال تصدير وتوريد الاجهزة الطبية، وبيع وصيانة المعدات والتجهيزات العسكرية.