Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Al-Najleen Company provides communications and technology solutions, data-driven security reporting, mission-critical equipment and travel risk management to clients around the world. We are always looking to develop and grow in an ethical, transparent, and sustainable way because the foundations we build and how we get there is important.


In 2019, Al-Najleen Company was honored to receive the Intersec Humanitarian Award for its efforts in supporting the local and NGO communities after the catastrophic events of cyclones Idai and Kenneth.

Community Engagement

In the areas in which Sicuro Group operates, a little usually goes a long way. We are firm believers in contributing to the wider community wherever you are. Sourcing and hiring locally are built into our practices and we are proud of the changes we have made, big and small.

Ethical & Legal Business Practices

As a British-American owned company, we proudly adopt a hybrid of best business practices from the UK and USA to ensure we are fully compliant in the solutions we supply. We strive to deliver the highest possible standard of service and one that makes all in our group proud.

Career Development

Sicuro would be nothing without the people who drive us forward. Our people are by far the biggest asset we have and investing in them and investing in the group are one and the same. We want to create a collaborative and productive environment where our employees develop and succeed.

First-Class Partnerships

All potential business partners are subject to due diligence to ensure we deal with highly reputable suppliers. We demand the highest standard from ourselves and expect the same from our partners.

Efficiency & Sustainability

We constantly strive for excellence in all areas. Environmental and social issues play a part in every decision we make. We are always looking for ways we can prevent waste, drive efficiencies and improve our practices. We have big goals but how we achieve those goals matters.


Al-Najleen Company is committed to conducting business which is ethically sound, reflects its values and satisfies the interests of all stakeholders.

To report any violations, irregular activity, or unethical business practices, please contact

All whistleblower submissions are strictly confidential to be diligently investigated by the Sicuro Group Internal Compliance Committee. To ensure we comply with our Code of Conduct, all cases will be promptly investigated in confidence and resolved with swift and appropriate action.



Al-Najleen Company maintains the highest standards in information security, business continuity and quality management systems.

The Al-Najleen Company is entirely GDPR compliant and U.S. Privacy Shield certified, and these standards are echoed throughout the group.